Delivery Areas

We deliver direct from our facility to your establishment, 6 days a week!

Packed in more than enough ice, we transport all of our product in enclosed refrigerated trucks using carefully planned routes to ensure your product is delivered to you as fresh as possible.

But, temperature is not always our number one priority! SAFETY FIRST! We know 'minutes' can make a difference when you are waiting for your product, which is why we schedule our deliveries for regular intervals that you can plan on. We cannot always drop everything and deliver to you next, which is why we also offer local pick-up service. Don't get us wrong! Temperature is our 2nd number one priority! If our product does not maintain proper temperature at any time from ocean to delivery, we won't let you have it! Instead, we will do our best to ensure your product is replaced with no hassle to you.

Orders are accepted for all available in-stock products until close of business every day to be added to your next scheduled delivery day.




Austin and surrounding area
Monday thru Saturday

Dallas / Fort Worth and surrounding area
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

San Antonio and surrounding area
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday